Mykonos - Koufonisia - Schoinoussa - Mykonos

1 Day Tour / A nice way to discover 2 islands


Schedule: Embarkation: 10.00 am, Mykonos Tourlos port or Ornos bay, return to Mykonos Island during sunset. Destination: Koufonissia complex First stop: Kato Koufonissi Second stop: Schinoussa island with a lunch stop at a local tavern.


Return to Mykonos, passing by Anti-Paros (no drop off) Total fuel consumption required: Approx. 5 hours Total Nautical Miles: 105 nm


Additional note: The above itinerary can also be considered for a 1 night 2 days charter in one of the most relaxing landscapes and waters of the “Untouched Cyclades”. On board overnight stay: Schinoussa Island followed the next day by a cruise to Panteronissi, Antiparos and Despotiko Islands.


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