L' o Yachting and the Aegean, where passion and expertise unite with incomparable beauty.

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A little bit of salt, a dash of pepper and golden rays that will pamper your skin each day. A magical world where days never end.

A world that drives us to uncover it, to discover it, its people, its waters, its islands, its cuisine. Your aspirations and our passion for what we do best, beat in unison.

There is no other place we would rather be than in the Aegean to excel in our sea faring expertise and explore her wonders with our guests on board. Crystal clear waters with mesmerizing colors & transparency. Islands with historical treasures and celebrities that have shaped history and Greek mythology, many of which are said to be the birthplace of the Greek gods. A wonderful world displaying the wonders of nature and unique landscapes, inspiring us to bring the best of service aboard, ensuring not only a memorable experience but also a unique journey for every guest.

With most of our fleet based in Mykonos, the crown jewel of the Cyclades, L’o Yachting awaits to greet her guests on board, where one soon enough explores, experiences, and becomes one with an incredible fairytale setting of unprecedented natural beauty, leaving behind the stress of every day routine.

Currently in our 8th year, the L’o Yachting team has excelled in sharing its passion for the yachting world, its insatiable thirst for life, and the discovery of new hideaways. Along with a deep and true respect for the sea,  we have acquired a reputation for professionalism, quality and reliability.

Celebrating a birthday or Anniversary? Interested in experiencing an unforgettable wedding on the open waters or celebrating the baptism of your child with your closest friends and family? Desire to create an unforgettable experience for that special someone in your life? Want to experience a journey to endless beaches, unique architecture and fascinating historical and archeological sites, or just relax and enjoy the uniqueness and beauty of the Cyclades whether on a daily cruise or weekly charter? We pride ourselves on our attention to every detail and believe that every charter is a special occasion.


The founder of L’o Yachting. Laurent Labarthe Medrano, our mentor. With nearly 30 years of experience at sea, Laurent managed to make his dream come true. He continues to impart to his team what he has personally experienced and cherished so deeply in his heart.

Within this spirit, L’o Yachting team was born to fulfill a common passion, to excel in a most heartfelt way in attending to her guests on board whether on a daily charter to the green blue crystal waters of Mykonos and nearby Cycladic islands, or to other destinations.

Shaping her fleet with the intention of providing a variety of yachts of different sizes and styles, L’o Yachting introduces its guests to the finest of holiday destinations and to what we have come to love and be.

Join us and experience the charter of a lifetime. Our destiny started in Mykonos let us cruise you, to yours!


The Experience

L’o Yachting provides an exclusive charter experience in one of the world’s finest holiday destinations, the Cyclades. What better way to discover this mythical part of the world, than on a luxury yacht?


L’o Yachting's philosophy

We pride ourselves in our attention to every detail and understand that every charter, whether daily or weekly, is an investment and a special occasion for you. Our goal is to provide you a pleasant and unforgettable voyage through the Cycladic Islands and their beautiful crystal waters.

Our reliability, professionalism and love of the sea, will ensure a truly unique experience for you whether you are setting off for a secluded beach on one of our ribs & offshore power boats or enjoying a personalized itinerary through the Cycladic islands on board one of our fine luxury yachts.